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Cherry Pit Neck Wrap in Lavender Moth Flannel

Cherry Pit Neck Wrap in Lavender Moth Flannel

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NoMi Gifts own homemade Northern Michigan cherry pit neck wrap in beautiful muted lavender-grey flannel.  

Measures approximately 5.5” wide x 24” long.

Made with 100% cotton flannel and cotton thread and dried cherry pits from a local grower. The wraps are double stitched inside and top stitched on both ends for long lasting use.

If you're looking for a natural way to soothe tension, muscle aches, or cramps, NoMi Gifts’ Homemade Cherry Pit Heating and Cooling Neck Wrap is perfect for you!

The wrap is divided into two long pockets of cherry pits. This gives the wrap full cherry pit coverage from end to end, yet plenty of flexibility to curve and lay snuggly around your neck and shoulders. 

Filled with approximately 2 lbs of cherry pits, the neck wrap feels like wearing a weighted blanket on your shoulders. Even unheated, it can help ease and soothe muscle tension, the pull of bra straps, or too much downward facing screen time. The cherry pit pad can also be used as wrist support for your keyboard or as a moist heat pack for a strained knee, ankle, or back.

ASMR bonus: The cherry pits make a pleasant rain stick-like sound when you move them around, which has a soothing effect of its own.  

To heat: Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes to start. Heat in 15 second increments until the pack reaches your desired temperature. Cherry pits give off a slightly earthy, woodsy aroma when warmed.

CAUTION: Cherry pit bags can and do get very hot!! Always touch test before applying.

Microwave temps and heating times will vary; it is important to heat in small segments of time to prevent overheating and to touch test the pad before applying to body/skin. 

To use as a cold pack, simply store in the freezer until needed.

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